zurich bt-roman condensed font

It was also noted that the # is a medieval abbreviation for Latin "numerus" - it is a cursive 'n' with a horizontal slash through it, much modified and abstracted.
Augsburger Initials The Font Bureau, Inc., Microsoft Baskerville Old Face URW, Microsoft Bell MT Monotype, Microsoft Bell MT Bold Monotype, Microsoft Bell MT Italic Monotype, Microsoft Bernhard Modern BT Bitstream, WordPerfect Bernhard Modern Bold BT Bitstream, WordPerfect Bernhard Modern Bold Italic BT Bitstream, WordPerfect Bernhard.
This information was collected from a (relatively) long discussion on nts.We pride ourselves on selection, quality, and customer service.Berthold AG) City Squire (ugebauer) Scribe (Corel) Staccato 222 (Fonderie Olive) Mistral Staccato 555 (Fonderie Olive) Choc Stempel Garamond (Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries) Garamond, Original Stencil Stamp (Corel) Stop (Nebiolo) Scott (Corel) Surf Style (ITC) Surreal (Corel) Swiss 721 (Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries).Fenice Feh-nee'-chey Garamond "Gara- Use a french "r" instead of an english one.Welcome to update.The "ant" in "Avant-Garde" is very similar to this sound, it is a nasal situated between "a" and "o".Archive-name: fonts-faq/part5, version:.1.5, view all headers, see reader questions answers on this topic!Berthold AG) Brush 445 Paper Clip (VGC) Pipeline (Corel) Parisian (Kingsley/ATF) Paragon (Corel) Park Avenue (ATF) Paradise (Corel) Peignot (Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries) Exotic 350 Peignot (Linotype) Penguin (Corel) Peignot Light (Linotype) PenguinLight (Corel) Pepita (Monotype) Pepper (Corel) Perpetua (Monotype Corporation plc) Lapidary 333.

Otherwise, just say "Boklin with a long o, like in "boat".
Light (Linotype) SwitzerlandCondLight (Corel) Helvetica Arial (Microsoft) Helvetica (Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries) Swiss 721 Helvetica (Linotype) Switzerland (Corel) Helvetica Black (Linotype) SwitzerlandBlack crack rig n roll gold edition (Corel) Helvetica Condensed (Linotype) SwitzerlandCond (Corel) Helvetica Inserat (Linotype) SwitzerlandInserat (Corel) Helvetica Light (Linotype) SwitzerlandLight (Corel) Helvetica Narrow (Linotype) SwitzerlandNarrow (Corel) Hobo.
Smith have each contributed to the following list of equivalent font names.Didot Stressed at the last syllable.We have found 79 fonts matching your search for a zurich font.Somewhere, I heard that LL does explicitly rule out.A.-tech, but he's from northern California which explains a lot.Black (Linotype) SwitzerlandCondBlack (Corel) Helv.We are happy to accommodate any size order and allow you to mix and match multiple breeds of the same poultry type to meet our minimum order requirements for safe shipping.So try "Berklin" if you want to come close to the original.