wizards event reporter software

If anyone taking registration has asked you "Have you ever played here before?" they're basically checking to see if they have your DCI number in their database already for quick enrollment.
TiebreakerJS to run simple Swiss tournaments for cases like this.
This is the best avenue for the WER team to improve performance.
After a while, this database gets very large!
Quick and painless, right?(Fixed May 2011) Missing Features Ordered Pairings Composite Standings Ability to Delete Tournaments Cross-Pod Pairing Bug Reporting Feature in the Software itself Fixed seating for players with special needs Set a "non-1" lowest table number to use for pairings/seating Formerly Missing Features Select Random Player/Table.You're screwing with my livelihood every time you let a major bug slip.Exporting a tournament to another computer causes a failed upload (Scheduled Fix late July).The "answer" given by several judges in the chat room and from Wizards directly was to run tournaments on paper.Today's bug causes WER to select the entire local player database if you search for "joe " and then any characters after the space.(Insufficient data to fix at this time).I've been a judge and tournament organizer for about four years now.

This bug also prevents you from selecting multiple players at once for bulk enrollment in the tournament.
Tie-Breakers don't work properly (Fixed - Build.1.2 ) Slow local database (Fixed unless your Local Player Database is over 10,000 people) D D Encounters adventure not ported over (Fixed Sep.
Judges in my area have come to rely on me for information on an update - that really shouldn't be the case, even though I'm happy enough to share the results of my testing.
(Fixed April 2011) Offline ipad 3 vs ipad air benchmark functionality is no longer working.Export throwing error (Still pending wER randomly changes from single elimination to swiss pairings.Once you play at a store, this database stores your information for quick lookup in the future.It's gotten to the point that I have a test machine to update WER before I update my actual scorekeeping computer to the latest version.Are you kidding me?If your store is of any appreciable size (say, 32 or more players on a Friday) this is a complete nightmare for both judges and tournament organizers.This application is updated on average over month or two.This allows you to constantly rotate through who's sitting out the next game, and gives a real benefit to winning, because you get to play every round.Combining Events can cause errors and an inability to upload.It is available here.