wise disk cleaner 8.03.573 portable

Version History for Wise Disk Cleaner:.
Defragmenting an SSD drive is known to cause more harm than good.
One issue here is that the program does not detect SSD drives and since you never need to defragment an SSD drive, you want to be sure you uncheck that drive.
Following my last CCleaner run, I was able to remove an additional 510 MB of junk.
In my case, I am running a 250 GB drive with about 77 GB free so keeping free space is important.So, how to get the most free space is a problem that often needs to be tackled.Wise Disk Cleaner is a free, user-friendly, fast and easy to use application developed to free up disk space.It windows server 2008 r2 sp1 (x64) oem original english iso lacks a registry cleaner, something were not fans of anyway, but it does include a disk defragmenter which is a nice little bonus since defragmenting your drive is a good idea after you left all those gaping holes on your drive.CCleaner includes a registry cleaner but no defragmenting tools.I have used it numerous times and while it is more aggressive than CCleaner, it also safely eliminates a lot of extra junk.You will want to spend a few minutes taking a look at what is checked, or unchecked by default and deciding if you are happy with those settings.I have used CCleaner on most occasions, and as I have always said, it is safe and conservative, starry night pro 5 but sometimes you need more.Because of this, most people use an SSD drive to keep their operating system and most important programs.You can use CCEnhancer, but now you are using a third party, sporadically updated program to get the most from CCleaner.

That said, you can run without doing anything and still get results like you have not seen with CCleaner.
Using an SSD drive comes with two problems; its small and expensive.
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