windows xp professional sp2 iso pre activated

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For one we'd be the bigest monoply on earth, with the best soft wear, making billons, and profit shearing.
You'd think xp was edible with so many of you throwing pity parties over not being able to afford.
It'd be so easy and simple to use.At least his kids will grow up knowing that in this unfair greedy world they do what they have to to get what they want.Free choice anymore, is dead.I dont have either one.Sp1 is already cracked.Additionally, sp1 will include usb.0 support, a roll-up of all current security patches, the ability to be installed on tablet pcs, and some changes to product activation that could potentially deactivate a lot of pirated copies of windows.However, the inability to truly remove the application data itself will not satisfy users looking for a smaller footprint on their windows xp install.

(11:47pm est wed jul 03 2002) there is a 12mb download you can get named corp edit which is basically specific files from the leaked devilsown version that one can use to replace files from any xp install.
Ty by charles xp activation (4:59pm est sat feb 28 2004) how do i gta 4 police modss use xp home sp1 without (re)activating it?
All those other companies cry that ms is screwing them, hell they are mad as hell because they didn't get to screw over everyone else first.
By passer-by media files (11:19pm est tue oct 08 2002) i recently installed xp pro(devilsown)and cant use any type of media player.
By kittyduff games on windows xp (9:15pm est wed sep 28 2005) hey i tried to play some game on my computer but i couldn't cause i got a pirated copy of winows xp i want o play games but i can't.If you think winxp is so extremely slow, why not get a mac or use dos or something.To every 1 way they fix something, or block something out, there are 10 ways to get around.Enter the command in step 2 again for the second time to verify your activation, you should see windows is already activated.As someone who did support back in the day when all internet programs came with their own dialer software.I guess the end really does justify the means.And why should they?Operating System Requirements, processor: Pentium III, memory: 512.