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Figurative language refers to any words that are used with a meaning other than their common, literal sense.
Mt 24:3, cp Mark 13:3 What is the general subject (or question that is being asked and addressed)?
With these encouraging words he added Well, what is it like?I send them over land and sea, dragon city hack gems 2012 I send them east and west; But after they have worked for me, I give them all a rest.Now prayerfully read Phil 3:12 " Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.What does anxious mean (be sure and read the origin or derivation of our English word anxious for a great word picture which describes how we feel when we are anxious - or see the original Greek word - merimnao - be anxious ).What two things will happen to him?As emphasized in the section on interpretation, Scripture should be understood in its literal, normal (normative and natural sense.But even if you don't mark them, always take a moment to stop and question why they are there.

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(d) So that for the purpose of (1Cor 10:33) Ex : For (term of explanation) I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be established.
There I began to understand that the righteousness of God is righteousness with which the merciful God justifies us by faith.Some topics can only be discussed using this type of language.Stop for a moment an practice questioning this passage before you read.Just then the professor returned.(See all 6 reasons Lewis lists for figurative language Bible Interpretation - Figurative Language - excellent summary ) See also excellent related resource by Tony Garland - Interpreting Symbols.At last, by the mercy of God, meditating day and night, I gave heed to the context of the words, namely, In it the righteousness of God is revealed, as it is written, He who through faith is righteous shall live.What you should desire above all else, in a true scientific approach, is to see things as they really are.What is his goal?The meaning of any passage is nearly always determined, controlled, or limited by what appears immediately beforehand and afterward in the text.KEY words/phrases v main subjects v theme To reiterate, as you read the Scriptural text, be alert for key words and phrases which help to establish the context, the overall theme, and the author's specific purpose for writing the book.