vmware horizon view client for linux

Install freerdp application by running sudo apt-get install freerdp, try vmware-view again by selecting the RDP protocol (Connection Settings) to connect to Horizon View 6 platform.
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If you have Horizon Client.4 or later, performing this procedure is not necessary if you specify that the installer should register and start installed services after the installation.
It returns errors for.0,.1.0.1 and.1.0.1 libraries.
Horizon Client.1 supports the following operating systems.URI Specification When you create a URI, you are essentially calling vmware-view with the full View URI string as an argument.This is the default, so usually you don't have to do anything here.Workarounds: Update to the latest patch release of Ubuntu.04, or switch to the client operating system by pressing AltTab, and then switch back to the View desktop session.Set the parameter "Disable fullscreen dropdown menu bar" to "on".

For more information, see the topics about twofactor authentication in the View Administration document.
Linux Environment Variable Installation Settings Variable termdumb vmware_eulas_agreedyes vmware_keep_configyes vmis_LOG_levelvalue Description Displays a very basic text.
Result Value Success Failed Description All needed libraries were found.
Previously, users had to perform post-installation configuration tasks to enable these features.For Horizon Client.2 and earlier, retains the configuration if you uninstall the client software.Requires View Agent.1 or later.End users can log in to a Linux remote desktop from Horizon Client for Linux.VMware Horizon Client download page.If you have an earlier version of the Horizon Client software installed on the Linux client system, uninstall that application before installing Horizon Client.2 or later.You can also run the installer with the -console option uk charts top 10 2012 to launch the command-line wizard.This prevents your users to have to logoff twice, edge of tomorrow game once from the desktop and a second time from the View client.Software Requirements for Microsoft RDP For Ubuntu.04, use rdesktop VMware, Inc.