visual studio 2012 create database diagram

Ive saved the resulting T-SQL to my font tcvn3 sample font desktop. .
Create Reference Data Note that this is a repeatable process. .
Return to SQL Management Studio and youll (hopefully) see a new version of your database. .You can pick just the reference data tables if you like, you just want to pick tables with data youve entered.So Im back to square one, and Im going to model a database schema using the latest tools for this purpose instead.Name it, and then select "Generate from database".The first thing I do now is change to a custom view for the non-join tables. .The direction here applies to a single reference data table, repeat as necessary. .Go back to SQL Management Studio, close (dont save) the SQL diagram and then delete the database.This brings up a new dialog which you can set the destination database instance: Im publishing to my local default instance. .I want a post-deployment script, so Ive selected that type and named it accordingly.Ill upload a complete T-SQL script and link from this article, which will create the full database and reference data, so you can continue this journey with. .You can continue to add or delete tables, modify the existing tables, and alter table relationships until the new database diagram is complete.

When you are finished dont save!
To create an EF5 diagram, right click a directory (usually the directory is named "Model and select "Add" / "New Item" and then select "T Entity Data Model".
By publishing my schema to SQL Server, I can now create a SQL diagram. .Were a long way from what I would consider to be a professional level of data modelling and design. .In this article going to discuss my personal methodology and approach to modelling.Open an existing database diagram.In the Add Table dialog box, choose tables to work with in the diagram.You should be surprised to see all your relationships joining the base schema tables: Repeatable Process This is a repeatable process! .Create a new SQL Diagram and add all the tables. .Note, if you choose Close without adding tables, you can go back and add tables later.If you get caught up and forget to export the changes, theres another option: Schema Compare.