version control process flow

Gives the user the ability to create explicit checkpoints with ability to upgrade/rollback to a given checkpoint.
Assumptions Requirements # Title User Story Importance Notes 1 Provide a shared sdlc approach and management to both NiFi and MiNiFi environments Users should be able to have common infrastructure to support the management of both NiFi and MiNiFi dataflows 2 Questions Below.
Configuration software, fully automatic operation of the en ti r e process flow.
Upgrade In-Place The user could upgrade a process group in-place to a new version by selecting an upgrade option from a right-click menu, and selecting the version to upgrade.Correlation of Provenance Events to a Versioned Flow - When looking at provenance events it is highly likely that the flow has changed since those events were generated, and there is currently no way to see what the flow looked like at the time those events.Promote a Project, promote Project Updates.3 Version Control Menu Overview, the figure below is the Version Control Menu.Save/Snapshot The user could save a new version through a right-click menu on the process group, available once under version control.Successfully concluded t h e process o f c onsultations with Member.In the future, versioned flows may be able to leverage future capabilities provided by the variable registry to provide a richer user-experience when parameterizing property values.Link the project to the SARs that are associated with it, and assign a promotion path.

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By using process groups as the unit of version control, the entire flow could be versioned by placing the root pes 2012 ant patch group under version control, or individual process groups could be version controlled for more granular versioning.
Versioned Flows User Interaction The end-user of Apache NiFi could interact with versioned flows in the following: Action Description Define Flow Registries The user could define flow registries by entering a URL of the rest API for a flow registry, along with a label.
1) Versioning of Flow for Rollback User creates a process-group and builds a flow within the group User starts version control for the given process-group, which includes: Selecting the flow registry for version control Entering a unique name and metadata for the versioned flow Version.Step-by step verifica ti o n process, flow p r og ram blocks are not being.Each incremental change to the flow would be assigned a flow identifier and would be persisted in some way.M m, its design has involved a thorough.The components in that snippet would be assigned unique identifiers, different from their identifiers in the original components.Used to correlate a provenance event back to the version of the flow at the time of the event.Save-As The user could save-as a new versioned flow through a right-click menu on the process group, available once under version control.