vampire the masquerade bloodlines console cheat codes

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines under "My Games" to access, vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, properties.
When you go back to the stat distribution page your character has his stats that you've left.
Then while playing the game, press and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Stat names: Use one of the following entries with the vstats get code.
Make sure this is typed outside the"s.Equip the new suit of armor, drop the armor (while equipped) into a box.It can be used for cheating, fixing broken game states and many other things.Press up and down on your arrows to scroll through those commands, and enter to activate the selected one.Visit Cheatinfo for more Cheat Codes, FAQs or Tips!This is useful for changing the default starting disciplines of your character.However, once you use it the book will reappear.The most convenient way of running the game with this parameter is by setting up a shortcut that includes.Contents show, enabling the console, the console is disabled by default and only becomes available if the game is run with the "-console" command line parameter.Be careful not to fill your points up in one go because if you have remaining points, you cannot proceed with the game.Clicking it again will give you another.

On top of that you can add the ones that they give you for picking that base.
Notarget Invisible to everyone quit Exit to desktop v_hidevgui # Hides the HUD if set to 1, default value is 0 vitems List items that can be spawned vchar_edit_histories 1 Edit player character's encyclopedia britannica ultimate reference suite 2010 history during character creation vskip_intro Skip beginning sequence vstats buy Use.
Right-click on the "Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines" icon on the desktop.
Hacking higher levels without losing the extra experience points.Close the box, then open it and grab the armor from the box again.Note: This trick works only if you have enough experience points to invest.Stat names Use one of the following values with the " vstats get stat 0-5" code: animalism auspex celerity charisma dementation dexterity dominate fortitude intelligence obfuscate potence presence protean thaumatury wits Item names Use one of the following values with the " give item" code.Type any letter and you can scroll up and down with the cursor keys to see the various available console commands.