vampire the masquerade bloodlines clan quest mod 2.1

They will send in additional hit squads as the fight progresses, or if you try to run.
It will again, tell you you're insane, and to find a psychotic killer tire in Chinatown.
However, when Jeanette asks you for Therese's amulet, from the haunted hotel, politely refuse her demands.
Fool me Once.: Complete the game with the Prince ending To receieve this ending you must have been polite to the Prince, earlier in the game.
You will have to be a pretty smooth talker not to piss her off.You should also have 200 in your mailbox.When you speak with the Cabbie at the end of the game, ask him to take you to the Chantry.Other Integrated Mods, arsenal Mod : Which modifies all the existing weapons to be more interesting and dynamic and even includes throwable hand grenades!If the player agrees, then you'll both be transported to the first location, Vesuvius.Each clan quest exemplifies the ethos and operations of the clan!There are three ways to do this.If you piss her off, you have to fight her.Each quest is written and constructed to match the clans' ambiance and feel; dig up dirt with the Nosferatu, work deals with the Ventrue.Otherwise, once the conversation is over, you'll be confronted by some other Kindred whom are none too happy about your companion.

The best thing to do is to sneak up on Carl and break his neck, or use a targeted discipline.
Your sire will ask you to make another decision.
Ask him about himself.
After agreeing to join the Anarchs, talk to Damsel again.
Music Mod: Revamps (hah!) the entire game's soundtrack to something a little more eclectic.After speaking with Kalliyan or Jeanette, you'll be back down stairs with Kalliyan, where she'll talk to you about Kuei-Jin society for a bit.The first objective, you can optionally ignore, or actually grab the book at the mansion, or try to dupe the contact with the book in the Tremere Chantry.Gangrel Clan Quest - Feral Research.If you accept, then you'll both be transported to Confession.If you go along with everything she pdma handbook third edition says, she'll ask you to raid the Tremere chantry.The third drop point is found in a series of pipes directly to the player's left when entering the third warrens map.You will find that someone is trying to ring Hatter.Convince her to show you to the family basement.Finally, a huge thanks goes to Anchefanamon for her character concept art.