usb dos serial port emulator

Or dig one out of an old machine.
PC Kermit, as it was called at first, was turned over to Daphne Tzoar who polished it sufficiently for general use and maintained for some time, and later to Jeff Damens who produced several major new releases through version.28.
For about 15 years, MS-DOS Kermit was mass-market software, found on practically every desktop PC on earth.Download the MS-DOS Kermit.14 ZIP file.The filenames all start with ms and end with.What they don't do spiderwick chronicles game pc is emulate the registers so DOS apps can still work, that's over and done with.All this in a program that fit on a floppy disk, together with its documentation and supporting files dialing scripts, keymaps, fonts for Hebrew and Cyrillic, utilities, packet drivers, and.Most notably of all, a full TCP/IP network stack built in to MS-DOS Kermit itself, supporting DNS, bootp, and dhcp connections via Ethernet, slip, or PPP, and over that the arpanet telnet protocol.

Sliding Windows transport protocol for file transfers, which in itself required hardware-specific memory management support for acquiring the necessary buffer space on the earlier PC generations.
Modem dialing is accomplished with modem-specific dialing scripts It includes faithful emulation of the DEC VT52,100,102,220,320 terminals; ansi, Heath-19, Wyse50, various Data General dasher models, and the Tektronix 4010 Graphics terminal, as well as DG terminals in graphics mode.
MS-DOS Kermit supports communication through serial ports, terminal emulation, making MS-DOS Kermit the MS-DOS Kermit s popularity waned as DOS was.So that the standard Microsoft driver works.But to this day, MS-DOS Kermit remains one of Kermit s Greatest Hits.Another alternative, even though the OP did not ask for it: There exist usb-to-serial adapters.Among these were IBM s lanacs, a product that included MS-DOS Kermit under license to the Kermit Project, and atarlan, which also included a licensed copy of MS-DOS Kermit.