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The other important thing to note is that Office 2016 for Mac only works with OS.10 Yosemite or higher it does not work with OS.9 Mavericks or lower so make sure you are definitely running OS.10 Yosemite,.
All applications in the Office for Mac 2011 suite are reaching end of support on October 10th, 2017.
Some people find that simply selecting or editing text in Word 2016 makes it freeze and crash while for others it wont launch or startup.
In Office 2011, a common way to fix this was to rebuild the Office 2011 database.
Search for Terminal on your Mac by going to the spyglass in the top right corner and searching for Terminal:.If this does not work, then try reinstalling Office 2011.Go to: /Library/Group If you have trouble finding it, the easiest way is to go to Finder and select Go in the Menu Bar, hold down the ALT key and you will see the Library folder appear:.Nor does Microsoft update and service Office for Mac for corporate customers as it does the far more popular Windows SKU (stock-keeping unit).
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Oct 7, 2015 Update: Microsoft has now released a fix for Office 2011 crashing in El Capitan which some users are also reporting has also fixed Office 2016 crashes too but this is not an official fix for Office 2016.
Mac users: Steerage Class, the impending cutoff for Office for Mac 2011 is an issue only because Microsoft shortchanges Office for Mac users.
The following table lists the most current packages for Office 2016 for Mac and for the individual applications, such as Word and Excel.Click Other Email to add your personal email account such as Outlook web account, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.But fear not as we show you how to fix the most common issues with Office on Mac.Microsoft released a statement about the update confirming this: On October 13, 2015, we released an update to Office 2016 for Mac containing great new features, security fixes, and stability improvements.Check out 9to5Mac on for more Apple news.Outlook 2016 Crashes On Startup / Office 365 Active Subscription Message If you find that Outlook keeps crashing when you try to open it or keeps giving you an Office 365 Active Subscription error message, the solution is to delete the Outlook 2011 preferences file.