ultrasound technician salary in texas

Chemistry is another important skills, since mixing chemicals is part of the preparation for taking the pictures.
What type of employer pays the highest ultrasound salary? .
As you will see, ultrasound technicians are paid, on average, a higher income than similar professions.According to the BLS, medical and diagnostic laboratories pay the highest salary, with a median annual pay of 69,650 for May 2016.Before you can get into this field, youll need to complete training and receive the proper credentials. .In summary, an ultrasound technician typically needs an associate's degree and voluntary registration or certification to gain the best chances in this field).Estimates do not include self-employed workers.All things considered, that isnt a bad salary at all for a technician who has met only the minimal educational requirements.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016 Data, explore the Subject Further: How Does the Salary Compare to Similar Professions?
Should you become a radiology technician?
First of all, the more education and experience a sonographer has, generally the higher his or her income will.
Ultrasound technician pay also depends on the area the sonographer is specialized in, such as vascular or cardiac ultrasound.Find schools and get information on the program thats right for you.Sometimes developing a specialization can make your services more valuable, raising film prison break subtitles indonesia your salary.Factors That Affect Ultrasound Tech Salary Level of education and amount of training Geographic location (rural.In fact, m named Diagnostic Medical Sonography as the second best paying job you can get with an associates degree, learn french podcast pdf and,.S.The BLS adds that the median ultrasound technician salary in May 2015 was 68,970 annually; the top 10 among the ultrasound job market made over 97,000 and the lowest 10 made less than 48,000.Median hourly wage, mean yearly wage, table of Sonographer Salary by State in 2016.This is a job which requires minimal educational investment, pays well, and is growing rapidly.The smaller the relative standard error, the more precise empire earth art of conquest full the estimate.Good radiology technicians are detail-oriented, and have strong technical skills which allow them work well with technology.