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It's time to bolster your Photoshop skills by bringing Cinema 4D into play.
In the Attributes Manager, change the X position to -150.
Then, you'll light and compose the scene using an HDR Image from my hdri Studio Pack, Global Illumination, a specular light, and the physical renderer.
This is where the die begins to get tricky. .
Create a Null Object and rename it Side.Rotate the die to the right to complete the final side.Each viewport can be seen individually by hitting F1, F2, F3, and F4, respectively. .How to create realistic depth of field effects.Making of Super Snail.If necessary, you can always go back and redo parts of this tutorial. .Tab, change the Y position to 150, and change the X rotation to 45 (Picture 3).

Cinema 4D Tutorial How to Create 3D Grass.
Your serve: Ping Pong Paddle render in Cinema 4D Cinema 4D tutorials: You'll learn how to setup, light and render a ping eagle layout editor 4.11ware pong scene In this hour long tutorial, you will learn how to set up, light and render a ping pong scene.
Cinema 4D tutorials: Get to know the materials of Cinema.Improve your workflow with shortcuts How to target a camera to an animated curve In this video, Anders Kjellberg shows how to use Cinema 4D's XPresso scripting system to enable a camera to follow a moving point.Create explosive 3D typographic effects Cinema 4D tutorials: Discover tools to create awesome 3D typographic effects In this easy-to-follow tutorial, learn how to extrude text, use displacement maps and Cinema 4D's explosion deformer to create exposive typographic effects.A really fun simple technique with endless possibilites.How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema.Make a tire in cinema 4d.Feel free to share it with.So useful, Im calling this The Best Cinema 4D Tutorial Ever!In the hierarchy under the Objects tab, click and drag the new array and Side 3b into the boole.