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We are using EOF to winamp latest version 2013 for windows 7 64 bit read the data items in the data tabel Please can setup auto reply outlook 2003 shared mailbox any one help me in solving this problem Reply Individual cells not recognized in True DBGrid allwynsanthosh India 24-Aug-2009 08:49:05 We are testing an application that uses truedb grid.
I've just upgraded a project from VB6 to Visual Studio 2008.
It doesn't happen consistently and the.
How do I disable grid for editing but enable scroll bar for scrolling up and down?The user will click on the Menu Bar File- Save for example.Trace on the code and it seems passing XArray specified to be displayed on the grid the XArray is not empty, but nothing come out in the grid, just the header.Note: If i stop running the application and run it again then i can see all those Grid2 changes getting reflected in Grid1.Suelinda Customer Engagement, ComponentOne LLC Reply RE: True DBGrid Pro support USA 24-Oct-2005 21:30:59 Hello again, To contact support, go to the m website, then go to Support Standard Support and click the "NEW Incident Submission Form." This is our online form, which sends an email.

The user does not exit the cell with the Tab or Enter Keys and the user does not click on another row.
Try the latest update first, and if problems continue you can send an email to for further assistance.
Hope some one can help Regards Rob Reply RE: True DBGrid Pro Makrambaklouti Tunisia 07-Apr-2008 12:26:37 001 Reply True DBGrid Pro.0 events through interop gsemple USA 12-Oct-2007 19:20:57 I am at a client site and and have been asked to look at a VB6.
You can use ComponentOne editing controls for this, such as our TrueDBInput controls, or use standard Microsoft editing controls.
Spano Italy 20-Jul-2004 16:44:51 Is there anybody who can give me some advise about TrueDbGrid.Colors may be specified as RGB values or system default colors.Where i go wrong?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Reply RE: True DBGrid Pro support USA 24-Oct-2005 21:23:39 Hello Karen, You could position the dropdown manually.Also, tooltips are displayed on the primary monitor when the window on which the control lives is displayed on the secondary monitor.Add code to the OwnerDrawPageHeader event to create your own custom page header effects.If you find that the method used in the sample is very different from what you are achieving in your application I would request you to tell me the exact method adopted by you and if possible kindly modify the application and send it back.Feel free to drop us a line if I can be of any assistance at I hope it helps.Exe written in t after the message of the license (when the object is initialized) the program correctly works.