the vampire diaries season 2 episode 8

Franson Pruter, Robin (May 31, 2013).
"Overall, this episode is a mixed bag.
Next weeks episode focuses on Katherines past and what led her to Mystic Falls in the first place.
He leaves the room and Elena stays behind with the necklace, wondering what happened.
I also really liked finding out that Katherine was the Petrova Doppelganger.While Rose talks to Elena, Trevor is not photo viewer for mac 10.4 sure if it is a good idea that they called Elijah to come and when he arrives, Trevor freaks out, something that makes Elena realize that they are afraid of him.Jeremy manages to recover her and she asks him not to tell anyone about what happened.In the next scene, Tyler is arriving at school, looking at missing posters for Aimee and is also watching students place flowers and cards by Sarah's locker.Doppelicious, while being held hostage, Elena learns that in order to break the curse that is captured in the moonstone, the originals need to sacrifice.

Damon warns her to stay away from him and not let him know about her being vampire sbs 2003 r2 serial or other vampires because a bite of his can kill them.
"The episode "Rose" had it all, from a brotherly road trip to a whirlwind of a fight to an outpouring of information to an entirely new direction for our favorite d that was all before Damon caused every living room in American to fill.
Plot Synopsis, plot Keywords: duel kidnapping fight, see All (3) genres: Drama, fantasy, horror.
The spell causes Bonnie to have another nosebleed and to fall unconscious.
Stefan says he can still open the door and that he needs to talk to Katherine to find out where Elena.Elena overhears the two of them mac 1 pressure washer spares talking about a guy named Elijah and the deal they want to have with him; give him Elena in exchange of their freedom.Right after Elena is in Trevor's car, Trevor kills the man and leaves with the unconscious Elena.The woman sees Elena trying to sneak off and stops her.Trivia The comment Damon made about road trip bonding, along with the general look of the car and two handsome brothers on the road to help someone is very much a nod to the popular show, Supernatural.Bonnie tells him that Damon is right, and that Katherine won't tell him anything.Retrieved April 11, 2014.Petrova doppelganger, which would be accomplished by killing Elena.He says, "No, you won't, Caroline.