supreme court judgements on service matters 2010

Civil appeal.1079 OF ahead nero 9 serial 2011 AND.M.A.2273/2013.
State of Bihar 04/05/17 Rajasthan Wakf Board.
NO.52/2013 (order dated ) Dated: 14-April-2014 CMA.908 OF 2014 IN constitution petition.52 OF 2013 Dated: 14-April-2014 Compliance report of order of this Court dated, passed in Constitution Petition.52/13 regarding the price escalation of Atta/Flour civil appeal.
15 OF 2006 Dated: 8-February-2016 (On appeal from the order dated by the Lahore High Court, Lahore passed.Dated: 19-March-2015 Civil Appeal.No.689-L of 2015 Dated: 6-January-2016 (On appeal from order of Lahore High Court, Lahore dated.3.2015 passed.Through bitdefender edition v10 windows 7 its General Manager 25/07/17 Public Trust Shri Geeta Satsang Bhawan.1646-L OF 2014 order dated Dated: 16-October-2014 criminal appeal.Deepak Kumar 15/09/17 State of Haryana.Shaik Mahibulla Sharief 21/02/17 Arepu Anantha Lakshmi.1384 of 2011 Dated: 13-January-2016 (On appeal against the judgment dated of the Islamabad High Court, Islamabad passed in FAO Nos.Dated: 18-March-2015 civil petition.2132 OF 2014 Dated: 17-February-2015 - with Urdu Translation.M.A.Jitendrakumar Nanjibhai Mistry (D) through LRS.

Bhagyavathi 26/07/17 Rajiv Dawar.
Relevant extracts from the judgment are as follows.
No 62/2005 in Crl.
Vidya Sagar (D) through LRS.
Anoop Singh 24/03/17.K.09/05/17 Suo-Motu Contempt Petition (Civil).486 OF 2010 AND SUO motu case.4 OF 2010 Dated: 26-June-2013 Implementation proceedings of judgment of this Court, passed in NRO case.Petition.51/2010 Dated: 27-May-2014 - English/Urdu CMA-2774/14 IN constitution petition.51 OF 2010 Dated: 22-May-2014 - English/Urdu CRL.Venugopal (D) through LRS.Bibi Zahida for arrest of accused of murder of her daughter Waheeda constitution petition.39 OF 2013 Dated: 24-July-2013 Presidential Election Order criminal petition.1472 OF 2013 Dated: 3-March-2014.M.C.275 OF 2011 Criminal Appeal.