super smash bros brawl hacks 20

Player 4's texture is shared.
Power Marshall FF1600 4BB FBB8 4F000000 E E200000 Sliding and sliding(Only on ground Kirby is faster than sonic!
Each slot is 2 bytes (1 byte 2 hex digits the first byte is what level is loaded when selected, the second is what icon is displayed.WiiMaster FA8 DB4 DA8 DC0 DA8 DCC D Player 1's texture gets shared throughout all players.For ntsc-JP, ported by James0x57 to ntsc-US Link James0x C versacheck ink validation code 002baaa0 Value Hacked.S.Needs "CSS fixes for Giga and Company V2" for Both.For ntsc-JP, ported by James0x57 to ntsc-US Lucario James0x57 32910A1F Value Hacked.S.Camera locks after you pause, no unlimited rotation.WiiMaster 4 A E5layer X Super-Player.

VARfjd15jcBE Universal: Music Modifier [email protected] F C00E 7C001B78 D C00FF00 6000mmmmmm Music Value* *Working offline, online as host and on waiting room stage (only if it's replaced with another stage because of a stage modifier code *Credits to Deathwolf* Universal: Character Selection Modifier [email protected] 386000KK.
WiiMaster 4A000000 xxxxxxxx 140000CC 4479C000 E X values: 90180F20 Player 1 90180F7C Player 2 90180FD8 Player Player 4 Player X gravity is reversed.
Game Mode Name Modifier [email protected] 0552F518 xxxxxxxx 0552F51C xxxxxxxx 0552F520 xxxxxxxx 0552F524 xxxxxxxx 0552F528 xxxxxxxx *X ascii* g Battle Type Modifier [email protected] C268EF BA00X01 B3BC05alues* 0 Brawl 1 Team Brawl Hide "Ready To Fight" Bar [email protected] C268D1AC D05E C26919E E05E8 2C0C FE05E g Fast Scrolling.
For ntsc-JP, ported by James0x57 to ntsc-US ZakoGirl James0x57 38E2BE3F 000DEE60 Value Hacked.S.
Sub-Stage Select (Common) spunit262 066B5E0C 0000000C 38C00000 41A20008 60C B5E CA30039 41A20008 60C60002 7CC03378 C26B5 70A A30008 41A09018 60A50F3C BE Sub-Stage Select (metalgear/spear pillar) spunit262 C210FE 3484ffff 4C800382 2C1B0022 4CA21382 4C C210FA1C C1B0015 4C622B82 40A30008 989F0000 4C Sub-Stage Select (Smashville) spunit262 0610FBC F0000 3403ffff 414.V0pmVn_iog2A Color [email protected] 80000 Color Value* Team Color [email protected] F D0 1400003C 3920000X E "Team Battle" must be selected by default* *X Values* 0 Red 1 Blue 2 Green Name [email protected] 0xxxxxx Values* ffff Default 0000 1st Custom Name 0001 2nd Custom Name.For ntsc-JP, ported by James0x57 to ntsc-US Robot James0x57 077DD8D xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Hacked.S.Y is 0x0124 name_number-1).For ntsc-JP, ported by James0x57 to ntsc-US Fox James0x57 077DBA xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Hacked.S.Level 5 Lives [email protected] F FF7E 901E05E0 140002A4 3800000 Hex (0 - 5 Character [email protected] X Values* 00 Mario 01 Donkey Kong 02 Link 03 Samus 05 Yoshi 06 Kirby 07 Fox 08 Pikachu 09 Luigi 0A Captain Falcon 0B Ness 0C Bowser 0D Peach.First manual singer facilita 43 Jump up in the air and press down-A at the same time(sort-of Amazing Pikachu Power Marshall FF0800 4 F000000 000000 E F000000 E F000000 mazing Kirby Power Marshall FF0600 4C D8 0000002B 302702DC D8 0000002E 302702DC D DC D8 0000010C 302702DC DC 4F000000.VUnT5UJwGeds Home-Run Contest High Score Modifier [email protected] C268DD C60xxxx 6063xxxx 907F xxxxxxxx HEX* Infinite Time [email protected] 049592C Credits to James0x57* Target Smash!