subtitle my boss my hero episode 10

And director Guy Ritchie.
Kingsman: The Secret Service has Eggsy going back to the games komputer pes 2013 bar to get his mother away from Dean, as well as to re-enact Harry's beatdown of Dean's crooks.
Although many abridged series have an after episode stinger, in a rare case in Tenchi Muyo Abridged in the yamaha dtxpress iv manual season 1 finale, after the credits roll that credit every single person involved in the series to that point, a shot of space is shown.
Dragon Quest viii had an option to save after the credits were done rolling, followed by a shot of a dais on top of a mountain, where an image would appear.
Once she is finished reading, she decides to tell said Lumas another story, which segues into the second phase of the game involving collecting the "Green Stars" (composing of the remaining 120 stars which are required to access the game's true final level, Grandmaster Galaxy.In Black White 2, both the core game and the expansion pack have these.A few noticeable examples is the good ending of Makai Kingdom (As suspected, the Corn was a fake The One is actually revealed.All, naruto movies have post-credit scenes.Beyond Time and Space) shows up in the present, with past Max.Yoshi's Island : After the credits of the original game, the stork places Baby Mario and Baby Luigi on a doorstep of a mushroom-shaped house.Either played for laugh or to tell what happens afterward.Looks like she got her wish, after all.A few Poop videos show things at the end, gta 5 pc full game windows 7 such as subliminal messages/images or a "CUT-OFF prevention" blurb (Youtube is known for frequently cutting off half a second of video, maybe more depending on the length).

At the end of the credits for the last episode, the camera zooms in on one of the walls; part of the wall cracks and falls away, revealing a Titan.
One version was a clip from something, paired with that internet meme about Lex Luthor telling Lois Lane to "say the line".
Notably, this stinger is implied to be a Framing Device as Otacon says he wants to pass on Snake's story.
She turns to face him, followed by a Fade to Gray.
The Legend of Kyrandia : Hand of Fate : Oh, hey, it's the petrified Malcom from the first game.On LittleKuriboh 's marriage proposal over.In the "Nationals Arc" for Saki, which ends after the quarterfinals, there's a shot of Teru standing on a roof, turning to the camera, and whispering "Saki." as it cuts to the title card.And, in Dishonour Among Thieves, play as him.Also, Garter spontaneously dies for no reason, then comes back to life for no reason.Following the real credits, FizzCo helicopter drones take off to deliver Overcharge around the world.After the credits roll in Shrek 2, we see that Dragon and Donkey had half-dragon, half-donkey hybrid babies.In Matt Santoro's web series, when Matt does this, he thanks the viewer for watching the video, tells them to subscribe if they enjoyed the content, and tells them about his other internet accounts.Well, the plan was downsized a bit when the finished product was just 2-foot-8.