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Lost with it were three of the men that attacked Bismarck 30 hours earlier: Lieutenant(A) Henry Charles Michell Pollard DSC, RN (P-age 24 Sub-Lieutenant(A) David Musk Beattie, rnvr (O-age 24 and Leading Airman Percy William Clitheroe, DSM, RN (TAG-age 25).
Besides numerous non-published Admiralty records, the following published sources were used in writing this article.
McGriggor sortied into the Western Mediterranean with the two carriers, cruiser HMS Sheffield, and six hp keyboard mouse combo destroyers, HMS Faulknor, HMS Foresight, HMS Forester, HMS Foxhound, HMS Fury, and HMS Hesperus, to begin Operation Splice.
Admiral Tovey closed in with HMS King George V and HMS Rodney and, at 0847, the final battle began.Hugh de Graaff Hunter, MiD, RN (P).For 800Z Flight, the job was much more mundane; they were simply ferrying new replacement fighters for Ark Royals two fighter squadrons, after which the pilots were scheduled to lead the RAF fighters on to Malta.It is always fun to act like a local anyway.

Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, 1972.
As the morning turned into afternoon, he decided to hold Esmonde to his word and, at 1509, detached Victorious, escorted by Rear-Admiral Curteiss four cruisers, to forge ahead, close on Bismarck, and deliver a torpedo attack in a further effort to slow the quarry down.
By 1315 things looked bleak for the three aircrew Sub-Lieutenant(A).
Events like this always cause folks to ask about the connection between hurricanes and climate change.Robert Laurens Parkinson, RN (O) PO(A) Ambrose Lawrence Johnson, RN D/Jx.146558 (TAG).Miller, rnvr.At dawn on 26th, even HMS Ark Royal, with her deck 62 feet above the water, was taking it green, and the wind over the flight deck had reached 50 knots.Finney,.156354 (TAG) 4G S-Lt.(A) Anthony Neville Dixon, RN (P) S-Lt.(A) James Francis Turner, rnvr (O).First, because of the premature explosions of virtually half the torpedoes on the previous attack, the new duplex (magnetic) pistols that had been used were discarded and replaced by older, but reliable, contact pistols.Seven minutes later 2F (Lieutenant(A).Meanwhile, Percy Gick, in 5F, now appeared low down on the water on the enemys port bow.He and Sub-Lieutenant(A).