stock market crash coming 2012

This indicator is a proprietary internal measurement of the general volume of the New York Stock Exchange.
Retirees and pension funds cant live off of.2 return.
Bonus : Check out Ludvigs write-up in English of our interview with billionaire and hedge fund founder Martin Sandquist here.
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Trying to pick a specific date for a market crash is typically a fruitless exercise, but market watchers are becoming very concerned about some of the signs that we are now seeing. .
According to the Guardian, there have only been two times in our entire history when this ratio has been higher. .
4 Interest rates are about to rise.The sum total of all the measurements now shows the lowest bullish energy ever even lower than in 2008, just before the market crash.There is no new China, no new India, no hoping for Africa to pull profits higher when the low hanging fruit in the.S.This current stock market bubble has lasted much longer than many of the experts originally anticipated, but that just means that the eventual crash will likely be that much more devastating.Labor costs recently hit a low (inverted scale) and profit margins a mirroring high.Nota bene: this post should be read in conjunction with my previous post on the bull case for stocks 1 The trend has gone too far.Traditionally, one of the best yardsticks for whether shares are over-valued or under-valued has been the cyclically adjusted price earnings ratio constructed by the economist Robert Shiller.But now we are in a time when commodity prices and stock prices have become completely disconnected. .But what almost everyone agrees on is the fact that stocks cannot go up like this forever.