star wars episode 1 racer

The player character's podracer is equipped with a boost function that the player can activate.
Reppen, Erik (April 25, 2000).
During development, multiple graphical Application programming interfaces (APIs) were tested, including 3dfx Glide, OpenGL, and Direct3D.Computer Gaming World (188 6975, 7881, 8490.Archived from the original on November 18, 2000.Two project leads responsible for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire began initial development once Shadows was completed."Star Wars: Episode I: Racer standard web advertising rates (N64.Retrieved November 20, 2014.This article is about the console versions of the game.Completing races awards money, with higher ranked finishes resulting in higher payouts."Nintendo 64 - Star Wars: Episode 1: Pod Racer publicity clip featuring Actor Jake Lloyd".

"Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer (PC.
Though the Nintendo 64 cartridge takes advantage of Nintendo's Expansion Pak memory unit to display additional textures, the limited capacity of the cartridge resulted in the removal of all pre-rendered cutscenes seen on the Windows and Macintosh versions.
Star Wars: Racer Arcade, an arcade game featuring many similar tracks and characters, was released in 2000.
Sebulba in, the Phantom Menace, reprise their roles in the game.Retrieved January 2, 2017."Star Wars 1: Episode 1 Racer sic (N64.Development took approximately two years."The best Star Wars games of all time".A b Smith, Rob (2008).Game Informer (76."The 10 Best Star Wars PC games".Archived from the original on October 6, 2000.Roberts, Samuel (March 24, 2016).