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When I originally compiled these stats from different sources, social media ads were only in their infancy, but they are now established as a mainstay of online advertising.
We also see much higher CTRs online for other online ad formats like Google AdWords and Facebook - these can exceed 1, so are more effective in driving volume and also typically have higher intent, so conversion rates are higher.This is historic data for reference - for the latest use the interactive Display benchmarking tool.Display Benchmarking tool as part of Think Insights.Set Stock price alerts for your portfolio and watch list and get them delivered to your e-mail box.Premium Services, in Partnership with, dear Guest, Welcome to the premium services of Business Standard brought to you courtesy FIS.Rich media CTRs, rich media Ad CTR.1, across standard and rich media, this shows an ad clickthrough rate.14 which is more realistic estimate if ads will be placed on the fold.Of course, these figures are averages and in reality, CTRs tend to be higher for brand searches.While this is a really low CTR however you look at it, cross media optimisation research we see that online ads do help increase brand awareness and purchase intent, particularly when combined with offline media.

It's generally known that Facebook has low CTRs because ad units are not that prominent - it's similar with LinkedIn.
Variation in online ad Clickthrough Rates by ad format Ad clickthrough rate naturally varies according to placement (position on screen) and ad format (shape and size).
This chart, also from Google-Doubleclick shows that the.1 CTR has been an average for some time although the recent fluctuations cast doubt on the data accuracy.
Doubleclick Ad Research page - these reports don't tend to be updated so frequently though.Facebook ad clickthrough example, these, facebook Ad CTRs for different types of ad formats are taken from a test run by Smart Insights contributor Marie Page.Canada.09, united States.10, eMEA, austria.11, belgium.13, denmark.12, finland.05 France.12 Germany.11 Greece.17 Ireland.10 Italy.10 Luxembourg.09 Netherlands.14 Norway.11 Spain.12 Sweden.08 Switzerland.12 United Arab Emirates.18 United Kingdom.07 japac Australia.The most recent data from November when we updated this compilation shows that previous rich media expandable rates were higher making the average higher, but the more typical image or capture it regular font Flash in-page ad is similar to a year ago.NEW : Get seamless access to m at a great price.Comparison of display, search (AdWords) and social ads CTRs.Common editorial ratesregardless of whether a project is flat rate or hourlytend to fall within the ranges indicated below.Hazleton City council will apply for a nearly 239,000 state gaming grant that would cover costs of equipment and training for police who plan to launch a group violence intervention program that will target drugs, guns and violence in Hazleton.