speedtouch 780 home install wizard

For more information, see the episodes of one piece documentation of your wireless client adapter.
To deactivate the service, clear the corresponding check box.
Assign a game or application to a specific network device.Configure to change the current settings.The Details page gives you more detailed information on the selected Internet Service.Please do not disconnect the router during this period.Proceed as follows: If you want to?All: Allow all categorized Web sites?On the Wireless Access Point page, you have the following options for the ACL: New stations are?

Hash turn on the hashing option.
60 E-DOC-CTC.0 Chapter 5 SpeedTouch(TM) Web Interface The Reset to Factory Defaults page allows you to reset the SpeedTouch(TM) to return to the initial configuration of your SpeedTouch(TM).
Children: Only allow children-save Web sites?
To search for a SpeedTouch/Thomson router attached to your network click.If you have direct access, the remote organisation might ask for a user name and password on an Internet welcome page?Broadcast Network Name: By default the SpeedTouch(TM) broadcasts its network name, allowing you to easily recognise your wireless network in the list of available networks.If the technical support disables remote assistance?Name doejohn 331 SpeedTouch(TM) (00-90-D ) User 'doejohn'.In the Add or Remove Programs window, click Add/Remove Windows Components.