sort items in combobox c#

Customizable search-by-typing Better ListView has excellent customization functionality for find-as-you-type item searching.
Single DLL file that has just 250kB when compressed.
ListView item text formatting Supports both text trimming and auto-ellipsis for text that's too long.
Embed controls for item editing Inbuilt in-line editing support il 2 sturmovik cliffs of dover patch includes label edit, combobox edit, date picker edit.C# Source Code using System; using neric; using rms; namespace WindowsFormsApplication1 public partial class Form1 : Form public Form1 InitializeComponent private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) Dictionary comboSource new Dictionary d 1 "Sunday d 2 "Monday d 3 "Tuesday d 4 "Wednesday d 5 "Thursday.Image shadows, borders and padding All images in Better ListView can have border or shadow specified.End Class, autocomplete ComboBox, from the version Visual Studio 2005, some of the controls support Autocomplete feature including the ComboBox controls.Sub-item editing is supported.It supports Aero as well.Compatible with.NET.5,.NET 4,.NET.5,.NET 3,.NET 2, and newer.Better ListView has improved usability and fixed behavior.Soure code licenses are also available for ultimate customization.

Daniel N, USA More advantages of our improved list view component: Developer friendly : All classes and properties are as similar to the regular list view as possible.
Custom image sizes are supported.
Using Better ListView is pleasant for users.Inbuilt sorting and natural sorting Better ListView has inbuilt list view sorting that works out of the box.Tested in real world applications by thousands of users : Because Better ListView is used in professional consumer desktop software applications - Swift To-Do List and ImagingShop, thousands of users work with Better ListView every day.Auto-scroll for column header reordering and item reordering Better ListView has inbuilt auto-scrolling for column header and item reordering.In order to add monkey go happy mini monkeys 10 walkthrough Text and Value, here using a Dictionary Object to store text and values.Simply shiftclick a secondary (or third, etc) column to add it to the current sort.In C# 7/9/2014 Problems with comments and links in older posts 7/9/2014 The older C# Helper blog posts are once again available 7/8/2014 Switching the blog to WordPress 6/26/2014 Welcome!Background image support Display background image in Better ListView easily using the BackgroundImage property.