soldiers of anarchy mods

This strategy will dip you into the brutal world of the future, where people are fighting against each other for many years and that to survive you have to try very well.
P.S.: We need mapper.
The theme of fashion will appear in the near future, as progress in its creation.
We try for you.Preferably with knowledge of Russian language.This mod were planned long ago and now our time has released we will of its development.Our team hopes that many things we wanted to see in the mod will become easier to implement in these games.

Proposals to send me.
Thanks for your expectations.
The development team of Soldiers of Anarchy.
Old screenshots our developments on this topic you can find on my page on ModDB.As we begin a parallel development of mod in the universe terminator.In connection with the imminent release of several games on the engine GEM, namely "Assault squad 2" and "Call to arms" we took the decision to suspend the development of mod on the engine "Assault squad" and wait for the output of the above games.(14.31MB ) font creator Professional.( eg FlashPlayerPlugin for firefox or head first design patterns epub pdf chrome.