smallville season 6 episode 22

Lana runs towards her car as Lionel's vehicle pulls.
Locations Other Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada"s Lex : As hard as it is for you to believe, Lana actually loves.
Lois pretends to agree.
The first time was in Pariah when he attempted to strangle Tim Westcott for murdering Alicia Baker.Lex : ( to Clark ) Get out of here.Bizarro : I'm you, only a little crackin martin garrix song more bizarre.Trivia This is the season 6 finale.

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Summary, when, clark discovers, lionel threatened to kill him unless, lana married.
Lana objects, saying that their whole relationship was built on lies.
Lionel asks her to wait before doing anything, but Lana replies that it's too late because Lex hit her.
When Lex is nearing the exit, he is blindsided by Clark.Clark realizes that Martian Manhunter is hurt and he admits that the last wraith is a Kryptonian laboratory experiment that inhabits human bodies.He throws Lionel against a grate, knocking him unconscious, pinned under rubble in a rapidly flooding dam.Lex : Everything I've ever done, is because I love you.Because that's the only way you're gonna keep me in this mansion.Lionel saw Lana's car exploding Clark and Chloe are at the Daily Planet investigating where the Zoner could be held.