skoda superb 2012 manual

Children should never be left unattended in the vehicle since it is difficult to provide assistance from the outside when the doors are locked.
27 - serves 1 unlocked.
The functions of the central locking system, the safe securing system and the anti- theft alarm system correspond to vehicles without kessy system.It is sufficient to carry the key with you, for example in your contract wars hack pc pocket, for unlocking and locking the vehicle or for starting the engine.This means, if the key is located in the area from the handle on the front left door.40, unlocking and locking, warning, the central locking system also operates if the ignition is switched off.All the doors and the boot lid are locked.

The kessy system (Keyless Entry Start Exit System) enables hdd regenerator v1 51 a comfort unlocking and locking of the vehicle and a start-up without actively using the remote control key.
Only the control elements are different.
27 or A of the vehicle, you can unlock the vehicle A A, it is C A fig.
If the valid key is located in the area possible to unlock the boot lid.If you cover the sensor, a fig.If you touch the sensor doing so do not hold the door handle, otherwise the vehicle cannot be locked).Unlocking the vehicle, if you hold the door handle of the front door or cover the sensor with the whole palm of your hand, the vehicle is then unlocked.Unlocking and locking car, fig.If a valid remote control key is located in the area it is possible to unlock the vehicle via the relevant door of the area in which the key is located.27 2 when unlocking, the vehicle is not 1).Deactivating safe securing system Touch the sensor A and at the same time the sensor A 2 A with your fingers, the vehicle is now locked (while 1 A twice within 2 seconds.