simple spanish translation exercises

Multiple-choice tests and root words prefixes and suffixes powerpoint comprehension practice based on short videos QuickTime ; vocabulary building with interactive flashcards.
LangMedia: Spanish in Spain / Argentina / Ecuador / Mexico / Nicaragua ml Practical information about getting around in Spain and Latin American countries - basic communications, culture and social life, necessities, transportation, shopping and services.
Great quality compared to a lot of artificial-sounding text readers but only allows 300 characters as input.
All issues contain a beginner, intermediate and advanced level text with related exercises.
Vocabulix m/ Online conjugation and vocabulary trainer (by topic or by level) with a nice, clean interface.During these 40 hours, you will learn: a) key vocabulary (around 500 words b) pronunciation strategies and c) basic grammatical concepts.Spanish NewsBites t/ News stories from Spain and Latin America in Spanish, with audio and built-in glossary, specially adapted for language learners at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.Importantly, you will learn to produce sentences with the words you learn and receive real-time our view, the best approach is one that starts with the acquisition of core vocabulary, which is then used as a starting point to learn about Spanish grammar.The site also has a practical pronunciation guide and several Flash-based activities to learn and practice basic vocabulary and simple conversation, all with audio clips.Tid32377 id32385 A huge selection of simple interactive grammar exercises.Seconds looking for a listing of all grammar pages?Send us your feedback.BBC - Languages - Learn Spanish /languages/spanish.Glovico Spanish Textbook 25 well-structured lessons of an online textbook - Spanish dialogues and reading, vocabulary, grammar pointers, cultural notes.A short Spanish language video about the clothes of the interviewee.

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Multiple choice vocabulary test i?
Cuentos con vocabulario, sonido y ejercicios interactivos /fernand4/ ml Three texts for learners of Spanish, spoken in RealAudio as well, with exercises.Each vocabulary topic contains a table with English and Spanish columns that can be hidden to move from comprehension to production.Pronunciation guides, audio, interactive presentations to learn and practice Spanish pronunciation.(The only minor difficulty is, you need to know the names of Spanish verb tenses.) The site also has an English-Spanish verb dictionary (click Traducir verbo ).The majority of them useful for practice even without the actual book.We currently have over 5,000 sentences to help you learn spanish.Viaje al pasado: los aztecas /ri/aztecas/ Excellent, high quality educative material assisting in the understanding and proper use of Spanish past tenses ( imperfecto, perfecto simple, perfecto impuesto ).