silent hunter 3 manual torpedo tutorial

Using the range button, (upper right dial, lower left button) tom clancy's splinter cell chaos theory highly compressed drag the stadimeter image a second time after the ship has moved during the minute, send the data.
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The steps are as follows:.
Note the chat window enemy ship "heading" in degrees.If you dont want to MOD your game enjoy this video.Im going to give it ago with the mods and see if I can get back SH3 and SH4 features like Sound Man Reporting, Watch Officer Reporting, Stadimeter working etc etc.Rotate the upper right control panel dial, which is angle on bow so the ship diagram in the upper left control panel matches the degrees mentioned in the chat window (the numbers on the outer ring dial) and send the data.Thank you all for putting up with this and thank you for watching.

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As pointed out by many, the pinging sound is annoying, its a very brief walk-through so people could could learn the concept of manual fire and take it from there.
Using the range button, (upper right dial, lower left button) drag the stadimeter image, send the data with red arrow, and wait a minute.
There are allot of messages that were not listed before that have suddenly popped california republic era mixtape up, sorry i didn't answer you those many years ago.Over 100k views and still going.Anyone can find the same content on Google Video or by themselves.Therefore, this site has no control over the copyright issues of the streaming media.Warning: loud sounds, a brief walk-through for manual aiming in silent hunter.None of the audio/visual content is hosted on this site.Silent Hunter 4 torpedo data computer tutorial - in less than 4 minutes, and clicking on just 4 main functions, you can target and hit an enemy ship with two separate torpedo spreads of 3 torps each.You have to remember this was one of my first videos and was released in 2007.Than I shall post new video Tutorial with 100 Realism.Click on the speed estimator button (lower right button on upper right control panel dial send the data with red arrow also.