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It gets so bad that Misato has to tell him stopping that "everyone must be happy" mindset and thinking a dragon ball episode 83 sub indo little of introduzione all'econometria stock watson pdf himself, too.
InuYasha : Kagome has it bad and goes out of her way to rescue people, as she did with Mayu, Kikyou, and Jinenji and countless others.
When Reese is in disguise as a police officer, he's asked by the psychologist he's been ordered to see if he was bullied as a child, as that might've led to his 'hero complex.' What is his answer?
People who didn't deserve it suffered and died every single day.Arthur is very much afflicted, as well.I am going away now!Edith of Godslave jumps to Anpu's aid the moment she sees him in trouble, even though at this point she doesn't know who Anpu is and why it's so important for him to escape the Blacksmith.Worth noting, the Archangel heavily implies that the entire theft of the sword was allowed to happen, just to put Harry near people who needed his help.This is taken to its logical extreme in Kingdom Come, as the Flash quite literally becomes the speed force and as a result is everywhere in Keystone City.He will hate watching the others struck down around him, knowing that it is for him that it happens.Because he can't save a gunshot victim and he can't stop a hurricane.It's a good guy thing!" At the time, he was saying it about himself, not Aladdin, but lampshading things is what Genie does.It turns out said little girl wanted to buy the soda so she could give it to Sylvia!Sailor Moon : Usagi Tsukino, the title character.They were so effective in doing good and vanquishing the darkness of their world that the light ended up taking over and is threatening to destroy the world as well.

Batman can't leave them to die, but he reacts the same way one would if they had just hit a red light.
See above for how this trope affects Eleven/Twelve's companion Clara Oswald.
It's really his main personality trait.It's explained by him having Low latent inhibition, combined with his genius IQ and his childhood being full of abandonment and abuse, he is unable to block out other people's suffering.In Dreaming of Sunshine, Shikako's the moral compass on her Team, being the why reason Naruto has more friends from a younger age, and she's helped Sasuke open up to others as well.Batman: The Animated Series : Used for laughs.Hawke of Dragon Age II gets drawn into other peoples' business just as frequently, though the results are more "mixed" than internet manager 6.19 crack full usual.He repeatedly goes out of his way trying to save everyone, no matter how unlikely the chances of it working are.Kick-Ass: Three assholes laying into one guy while everyone else watches, and you wanna know what's wrong with me?!