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Ne ho abbastanza del tuo comportamento incostante.
Mascot Night (My Favorite college Night - Skate with the Players.
Pippa ha un sacco di problemi, sta attraversando un momento difficile.
Rough US, informal (roughly) duramente, rudemente avv The sergeant treated us real rough.I should have a final version ready tomorrow.Rough informal (sketch) ( figurato: abbozzo ) schizzo nm abbozzo nm They looked over the roughs together and selected two styles.Rough edges (ragged outline) ( letterale ) bordo irregolare, bordo frastagliato, profilo grezzo nm She ripped the paper instead of using scissors because she wanted rough edges.La donna ha attraversato la strada per evitare i giovani teppisti dall'altra parte.Rough Country Outfitters is an equal opportunity service provider / employer.In Latin this means Condemned Hope.Rough sth up, rough up sth informal (make rough) irruvidire vtr Rough up the surface of the wood rpg maker xp keygen 1.04 before you paint.Before the time we have first notes of our existence, the land was filled with magic, mystery and danger on every step.Rough water often plural (stormy or turbulent sea) mare picture collage serial number grosso, mare agitato nm The rough waters were making even the seasoned sailors seasick.Spera Damno, this is surely "server destroyer" game, but I hope you'll enjoy this novel with lots of loading and waiting (unfortunately).Rough outline (general idea or description) prima bozza, bozza approssimativa nf modello base nm Here's a rough outline of the proposed web site, but it still needs refining.

I suoi modi rudi erano malvisti quando iniziĆ² a frequentare le classi alte.
Abbozzai rapidamente uno schizzo di un occhio.
(Wyoming Outfitters license # BG-207).Non si era fatto la barba da una settimana e aveva la faccia ispida quando lei l'ha baciato.Rough (violent) rude, brusco, brutale agg, he is extremely rough with his kids.Rough sth out (outline, plan sketchily) abbozzare, schizzare vtr I can rough out the plans for your house but you have to hire an architect for the finished plans.Rough draft (writing: unfinished version) ( versione incompleta ) bozza, brutta copia nf The writers are still working on a rough draft right now.Rough (tentative) approssimativo, grezzo agg Let me take a rough guess at the cost.