reset password ubuntu 10.04 lts

Choose Run in Terminal if you want to perform the script.
To rename the computer, open up uxterm and run the following: This will open three files: the two named above and an empty document.
Then, click the Hosts link in the left menu. Now we have really old machines running as web kiosks that boot in 20 seconds or less and are very responsive to clicks, typing, and even flash videos and animations.In the Saved Sessions field, type the name of the system or anything you can recognize later.Instead, enable SSH and use Putty. I like to do this from the command line so click Applications, highlight Accessories, and click Terminal. Click this button and enter your password. Then check all the check-boxes and choose Everything from the period selection drop-down box.TypeApplication, save and close this document and then insert the following command on the Terminal window: "sudo gedit /usr/share/xsessions This should bring up another gedit window for you to insert the following code: #!/bin/bash xscreensaver -nosplash cat /.config/chromium/Local State perl -pe "s bottom.Assuming you placed the download files in the default location, you can use all the following commands to install Nagios and extract its initial configuration files: The above will take some time, especially the first make install.

First, on the system to be monitored, open the firewall for TCP port 569.
What youll want to do is start creating new groups and moving hosts out of the generic windows-server group and into their own specialized groups.
Ubuntu.04 LTS) Step 1: photoshop 3d text plugin Configure the network interface In this step, you will manually configure your network interface by editing the following files using your preferred text editor(nano gedit vi).
To set up the account set a basic password for now and click. See the image notes for more information.Start by getting into the g file and really going over these items.Bottom (xrandr grep * cut -d' ' -f4 cut -d'x' -f2 /.config/chromium/Local State cat /.config/chromium/Local State perl -pe "s right.Handling Outages Shut down your primary minna no nihongo 1 book Nagios server and wait a few minutes.