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Thankfully, No dates, places or name of kings though.
The exam finished in the Evening of Sunday, right now it is tuesday morning, so not even three days have passed, upsc cannot even collect back all the answersheets from every exam centre across India India to Delhi in such short time, and yet some.
If you had followed the advice given in them, then even on a really conservative estimate, even with not-so-really-hard preparation: 6 In History, 15 in Polity, 3 in EnB, 4 in Geography, 7 in Economy, 2 in S T and 4 in Yearbook stuff, that.In declaring privacy to be a fundamental right, the Supreme Court has overruled verdicts realplayer plus windows 8 given in the,.P.Second, in the online forums and facebook communities, people post their score based on the answerkey which gives them maximum marks!You dont have to tick 90 or 100 answers to crack the exam.Caution : donot merely type question phrases in Wikipedia, upsc did not frame question after reading Wikipedia and Wikipedia is not the authentic source.Most of us would have thought: history will decrease and S T will remain steady.(Rest 1-2 lakhs are just jbps, we are not bothered with their future.) You need a huge sample data to statistically predict the cut-offs.

Questions Mostly related to religion and culture.
I forgot to write about water purifiers in the Odomos article S T reduced by half: in 2011, they asked 18 questions, this time only 9 but if you look it from a hilltop (combined with heavy doze of Reading comprehension in Paper II) may.
Remaining chart, now time to take a look at individual subjects under General Studies paper.
Then why are you trying extrapolate the RTI replies of previous cut-offs to speculate 2012s cut-offs!Those who performed exceptionally well.Take the space out of Science and Tech distribute it among EnB, Polity and History.And dont waste your time or bandwidth asking people online My score is * so Whatre my chances?Upsc gives you 2 hours to solve 100 questions in the exam hall, so If you manually check the reference book for each and every question, it ought to take you no less than 4-5 hours at home.Contents, the Aspirants who are preparing for the.I had given the preparation strategy and study plan for Indian Polity and If you had thoroughly it, this Polity section was a walk in the park.Wise Breakup (From 2010 to 2012).Ambedkar Gandhi undertook fast unto death in 1932 Lahore session of the indian national congress (1929) is very important Regarding brahmo samaj Things introduced into india by the english Congress ministries resigned in the seven provinces in 1939 Even with the lousiest half-hearted preparation, one.