quick router setup dir-615

By default, it should.
All of the router's ports-including four LAN and one WAN port-are regular 10/100 Ethernet.
It does have a long list of networking features and a very responsive and intuitive Web interface.
9 out of 9 found this helpful.Features, the DIR-615, as expected from the price, doesn't have a lot of wireless features found in high-end D-Link routers, such as Dual-Band, GuestZone (which enables you to make a separate wireless network for guests or SharePort (which allows for use with USB devices).Design and ease of use, the DIR-615 has a traditional wireless router design, with its rectangular shape measuring.6 inches.6 inches.2 inches.Visit the router's IP address ( http ) in a new browser window.Please write down your current DNS settings before switching to OpenDNS, in case you want to return to your old settings for any reason.Free support for this product will end on 01/31/2018.For security, the router features virtually all encryption standards found in wireless routers including all the variations of WEP and WPA.'grobar tomatically assign a network key (Recommended) and chose WAP or WAP2.3 Write down the network key!

It allows for accessing and managing the router's networking features.
Note: Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version.
You can then set up manual port forwarding-where you map information coming to a certain port to another computer in the network-or use the router's preset settings for different applications and services such as instant messengers, BitTorrent, IP phone software, virtual servers, and.
Submit a request, return to top, related articles.(so that no outsiders know your ssid except you).2, wireless Security the secret circle season 1 episode 1 Mode : WPA-Personal.3, wPA mode: WPA2 only, cipher type: AES.Press "clone your computer's MAC address" ; hostname: 'your computer name in ubuntu' ( mine is "grobar" yours.With a price of about 40, the router is cheaper than even some Wireless-G routers-which cap at 54mbps-such as the.Enable Auto Channel Scan : YES.Wireless Channel : auto, transmission Rate : best (Mbit/s channel Width : auto 20/40 MHz.Note: if you have not changed the original settings, the default username is admin and the password is blank (nothing).