ps2 emulator 100 working

Section II - General questions about the emulator.
Your pcsx2.exe is the main processor that can the logo creator v5 full emulate the real PS2 on the PC but it does not work alone.
Even if you have exactly 2 cores, the emulator will not cause 100 CPU usage because of shri durga kavach pdf the way threading works.
Plugin Menu : This item will let you quickly choose cdvd plugin and access its configuration (rather than going through plugins configuration).Try to increase the values in case your speed is not optimal and decrease the values in case you're playing with speed higher than normal.Check the HDLoader compatibility list for games that will NOT work with this (usually marked as needing mode 1 or slow DVD).Pcsx2 developers provided them to increase compatibility levels so some games, otherwise broken, can still be enjoyed.Pcsx2 is a, playstation 2 emulator capable of running commercial games.

Currently this mode is a slower and less compatible equivalent of the DirectX renderers but it's the only option for Linux users.
Loading bios will take time but some games may use language configured in bios thus allowing you to play in your language (ex.
Dev9 (HDD and ethernet) plugins Dev9 is a collective name for plugins that handle HDD and ethernet (LAN/Internet) access.
To configure GSdx plugin press configure button.Definition: For people who does not know what is an emulator.But there are still some very picky games that refuse to work with any other plugin except for ssspsx (for instance Warriors of Might and Magic ).By default pcsx2 will look for bios in this folder.Each set of options in ZeroGS has a unique ID-number.Use this option as a last resort if your game started behaving abnormally and you are unable to find and reverse your misconfiguration.By default, pcsx2 comes with 4 simple scanline shaders (which you can cycle through with F7 while ingame).