protection spells using menstrual blood

In my opinion, it is the easiest method of divination.
Caution is required when burning anything, of course.
When writing articles Tips on wincdemu for windows 8 what and what not to do when writing an article.Altar Tips on different types of altars.The sound of a sacred Bell purifies all vibrations near it a room, a person, an emotion, or whatever.Full Breathing Exercise A way to practice full deep breaths which heals us and can help prepare us for further ritual work.Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you.I might have missed a few so bare with.

This article is about Lilith and her demonic children.
This article will teach you things.
Most common mistakes made by begginers in spell casting This article tells you about four major mistakes that make your spells fail.
(Though I might add a few tweaks if I think they might work better than the original ritual) This ritual is to help cleanse your magick scooby doo games for windows xp space of old or negative energies to allow your spells to work more efficiently.Herbs of the Kitchen Witch Choose about a dozen herbs for your herbal collection, and try growing some in your garden.Also grants you the "powers" of a witch.Image Black Magik A small article about image magik.And Night is also when secret wisdom shines forth in stars and Moon, tantalizing us with Mystery we may seek.Superior is not mentioned.Wand-Type Suggestions A comparison between two different types of wands.