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The main protagonists are each drawn to the mountain intent on rescuing someone, confronting hostile ghosts along the way.
The most damaging is a "fatal frame which hits a ghost weak spot.
Archived from the original on Retrieved b c Brown, Andrew (3 November 2012).4 43 Maiden of Black Water originated when Kikuchi saw the Wii U hardware, and was co-produced by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo."First Impressions: Taking A Shot At Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water".This took me forever to figure out since there are no real guides.Archived from the original on 12 September 2015.Zero: Voice of the Tattoo.) and Project Zero 3: The Tormented in Europe.Fatal frame II crimson butterfly.It was also felt that women were more spiritually aware than men, reinforcing the choice.Archived from the original on Retrieved Wahlgren, Jon.Archived from the original on Retrieved Jarvis, Matthew.43 51 Since Crimson Butterfly, theme songs have been created for each title, primarily performed by Japanese singer Tsuki Amano.

1 Reception edit In Japan, each title in the Fatal Frame / Project Zero series has seen modest success: the first game's lifetime sales are the lowest in the series, while Mask of the Lunar Eclipse currently stands as the best-selling title in the series.
41 Similarly, as part of a review of Maiden of Black Water, Dennis Scimeca of The Daily Dot ranked the Fatal Frame series alongside Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
Shortly before Ruka's arrival, Madoka is killed by hostile spirits.
Zero: Voice of the Tattoo Complete Official Guidebook.
The entire concept occurred by Kikuchi when he saw the specifications for the Wii.Retrieved "Eurogamer - Project Zero 2: Wii Edition".So the root of your SD Card should have three folders.2: Project Origin Interview".Zero: The Raven-haired Shrine Maiden ) in Japan and Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water in Europe.Retrieved Red, Carmine (4 February 2010).