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Tennis games in the 1990's, no matter the platform, either had garbage controls, appalling camera angles or inconsistent physics system.
2K also had the decency of shipping a sports game without commentary, which was a delight back in the day as sports commentary was awful back then and something most players turned down, or off, pretty quickly.
Wii Tennis (2006) Any game where this can happen is automatically goat.Categories : More Prince of Tennis Wikia, prince of Tennis Wikia is a fandom Comics Community.Fandom, prince of Tennis Wikia 3,658 Pages, add new page in: Lists, retrieved from " ad blocker interference detected!But if you're after the most exhaustive career mode for a budding virtual tennis professional, complete with challenger tournaments, doubles, the Davis Cup, nine separate court surfaces, split screen or local co-op, LAN and online play, a full ranking system, mod support and a game.

The latter also had better graphics, but 4D laid the foundations.
It's still the game to play, actually, and it holds up reasonably well on an emulator thanks to the variety of courts, opponents and gameplay styles.
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The shot to shot action was a little slow, but the controls were solid with almost a combo-like mechanic for making shots.
There was a third-person view if the difficulty was too high, and the game offered multiple replay angles, stamina tracking and a full suite of statistics.Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications.4D Sports Tennis (PC, 1990 before the days of, virtua Tennis, Top Spin or even smaller indie productions, there was 4D Sports Tennis.It was unabasahedly an arcade game but it didn't take itself too seriously, and that's one of the reasons why the original holds up better today than the most recent divx plus player software titles.Prince of Tennis: Doubles no Oujisama - Girls, be gracious!52 14 comments, it's Official - Chung is the next coming of Djokovic 10 23 comments, hardest working player on tour?With a first-person perspective, a mouse-based control scheme and about as real a physics engine as you could cram into computers with the clock speed of a potato and bugger all RAM.Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected.