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Its all very straightforward.
Theres also a sizeable selection of effects included, with thousands more available for free online.
You get to customise the content, by optionally adding other videos to the one youve just created.
There are all the usual options birthday, vacation, wedding, party and so on and PowerDirector 9 extends these with new 3D templates. .
PowerDirector specializes in speed, especially in 64-bit Windows systems.Import, the editing process starts by importing your media into PowerDirector 9, then, and there are several ways to make this happen.Extras: The Ultra suite bundles many tools and extras, including SmartSound 2011 auto expense worksheet for audio game counter strike source compressed tracks, Apple's QuickTime, and a menu of Magic Tools for quick fixes.We were more impressed with the transition effects, 156 in total: all the fades, page curls, slides and wipes that you could possibly need.Increasing the resolution inevitably increases the processor load, but it still managed four streams at 1280x720.

The program now includes WaveEditor, a simple audio editing tool. .
Other Features Weve discussed many of the PowerDirector 9 features that youll see as you use the program, but there are others, less obvious, that are also worth considering.
Youre able to choose from a wide range of musical styles jazz, classical, new age, soundtrack most of which can be varied in a click or two. .You can also resize video tracks, expanding anything important for easier viewing, shrinking others to save space. .And the new PowerDirector 9 timeline makes this far more straightforward than in previous versions.The program appeals immediately with its familiar interface: a collection of media files on the left, preview window to the right, timeline below. .Enhanced multithreading capabilities and GPU acceleration speed up many operations, youve a flexible 100-track timeline, new effects and templates, a powerful audio editing tool and more.There are profiles for smartphones, say, along with Apple, Sony or Microsoft devices, amongst others: just pick a profile, choose your target device and the program will create a suitable file for you.Download the CyberLink PowerDirector 9 Ultra64 trial Tags: ATI Stream, avchd, bdxl, Blu-ray, cuda, CyberLink, editor, PowerDirector, video, video editor.