plugin galileo cs 1.6

Say currentmap Displays, to all players, the asian dynasty serial number current map name.
The anything argument can be any "word" up to 20 characters.
1 - "get ready tycoon gold guide addon to choose a map" / 2 - "7 "6 "5 "4 "3 "2 "1" / 4 - "time to choose" / 8 - "runoff voting is required" gal_sounds_mute 0 URLg/IMG.
Use * for all maps in the / server's maps folder.
A value of 0 will not mute any of the sounds.It's intended to be used in place of any other map choosing plugin such as Deagles' Map Manager and amxx's very own mapchooser.0 - end immediately when time runs out / 1 - when time runs out, end after the current round gal_endonround 1 / By showing the status of the vote, you allow players to see how / / many votes the various choices received.Download links for all FindBugs.Say nominate partialMapName say nom partialMapName Attempts to nominate the map specified by the partialMapName argument.Pero en Voz de Mujer muy Sexi.0 - keep the player's choice private / 1 - announce the player's choice gal_vote_announcechoice 1 / You may have a lot of maps but only a few are sure to attract a / / lot of players.Requires cvar "gal_rtv_commands" to be set to an appropriate value.

Options (cvars compilation, installation, installation Files, notes.
Gal_vote_weightflags y / Ending a map on a new round after time has expired, for round- / / based mods, is a much nicer way of ending the current map than the / / standard HL1 way, which is to suddenly end the map the.
Or you can download from the JavaCC Eclipse Plug-in site on preference pages for the plugin, JavaCC, JJTree, dropped support of Eclipse.4 (Galileo).
Txt / Indicates whether the maps being added, after nominations have been / added to a vote, should have unique map prefixes from those already / in the vote.Specifies the maximum number of minutes a map can be played, if it / has been extended.DescripciĆ³n: Este plugin es una versiĆ³n mejorada del.Specifies the number of maps players can choose from during the vote.( Por defecto: 99999) amx_startmoney - Dinero con el cual los jugadores inician.Specifies how many of the most recent maps are disallowed from a / map vote.