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quot;Werks Version.9 Build 10 Release Webinar.
Version.8 Build 1 Release The"Werks Version.8 Build 1 release includes over 17 new features including"Valet Shopping Cart, Procurement Automation, Azure Support, Shipping Integrations, and more.
Webinar:"Werks.0 Build 1 Release.Where you connect remotely to a local pc where you are running Project.After receiving the items, the system can create Picking Reports for moving Inventory around the warehouse and can even store the location of the Job Bin where the parts are stored in the warehouse.The system has been designed for speed and minimal repeat typing. .Inventory Value Report: This report tracks movement of Stock to projects that was not Ordered by a Purchase Order. .Version.7 Build 6 Release The"Werks Version.7 Build 6 release includes over 10 new features including"Valet Mobile along with other"Valet enhancement features.Billing ocr biology june 2013 mark scheme f212 will use it to track Projects that need to be invoiced.quot;Werks.9 Build 4 Release Webinar This"Werks Version.9 Build 4 release webinar has something for everyone.You can also enter miscellaneous costs to a project as well.You can locate a Project quickly by Project Number, Status, Client Number, Serial Number, Client Purchase Order, and list them on the screen or printer for Follow.

This same text can be the basis of an invoice.
The Inventory System works in real time so that you immediately know what Inventory is available at any point in time.
quot;Werks Sales Rep Training - Feb 2014 This webinar provides an overview of"Werks and"Valet from the sales rep perspective.
Demo, web Time Card and Expense Posting System, Press here for.
Additionally, you have the ability to create Assemblies (List of Items that can be brought into a Project as a group of items by using one Part Number.). .This report is good when you do not have a link to Accounting.NEW You can now Import Equipment Lists from Excel Files, and Drawing Tools like VidCAD, star-Draw, and D-Tools. .And then keeping track of them as projects.Hopefully the project will be profitable, but as we all know, some are not and there are alarms that go off when costs exceed the estimated price of a job.As a support tool, The Project System contains a very powerful Inventory System. .A standard Windows file server will is fine.Additionally, you can purchase an Enhanced Security System, which will give you the capability to limit access, by user, to 254 different access points throughout the system. .In this webinar, we demonstrate the latest features in"Werks Version.9 Build.