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This is much lower than 0x40000000 (decimal ) in rhel.1: # cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release.1AS (Pensacola) # cat /proc/self/maps c000 r-xp :08 44885 /bin/cat 0804c000-0804d000 rw-p :08 44885 /bin/cat 0804d000-0804f00000 00: r-xp :08 44751 /lib/ rw-p :08 44751 /lib.
Menu Options for Data Guard Move to the primary database's Home page in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.
Figure 22: Standby Database Properties: General In the Properties screen for the Standby Database, there are three tabs - General, Standby Role Properties and Common Properties.And the results of the test will be recorded in files that start with suffix "test".The Primary Host Login credentials can also be specified on this page.D/login for local logins and telnet if you don't want to enable it for all login methods.So it's a great tool for testing and optimizing Linux for Oracle databases.Big Pages in rhel2.1 and Huge Pages in rhel taken 3 the game 3/4 are very useful for large Oracle SGA sizes and in general for systems with large amount of physical memory.Ensure to set memlock in /etc/security/nf to 3145728: oracle soft memlock 3145728 oracle hard memlock 3145728 Login as Oracle again and check max locked memory limit: ulimit -l 3145728 If it's not working after a ssh login, then you may have to set the SSH.If you do that and the user uses up all the file handles, then the entire system will run out of file handles.To see kernel slab cache information in real time, you can also use the slabtop command: slabtop Active / Total Objects ( used) : 293568 / 567030 (51.8) Active / Total Slabs ( used) : 36283 / 36283 (100.0) Active / Total Caches ( used).Their main purpose is to enable real time apply of redo data onto the standby, by populating the standby logs with redo data almost at the same time as the redo logs in the primary database.64-bit Architecture This is the architecture that should be used whenever possible.Databases on the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c console, and select the prod production database in the list of databases that appears.

Figure 25: Edit Primary Database Properties This brings up the Edit Primary Database Properties page.
To store your data on to a logical drive and you want to make it secure like creating a back up for your organization or even for a small firm the Oracle 10g is the best and the only Database management software that can help.
This can be tuned with the /proc/sys/vm/swappiness kernel parameter.
The parameters controlling the standby can be set here.
# echo "mall2097152" /etc/nf Sometimes after an instance crash you may have to remove Oracle's shared memory segment(s) manually.Far Sync in Oracle Database 12c Oracle Database 12c has a new kind of standby known as Far Sync.However this estimate is treated differently in different companies.Hence, shmall should always be at least ceil(shmmax/page_size).In fact, Oracle does it's own data caching and raw devices allow Oracle to ensure that data gets written to the disk immediately without OS caching.Setting shmmni Parameter, setting shmall Parameter, removing Shared Memory setting Semaphores, the semmsl Parameter, the semmni Parameter, the semmns Parameter.The latter can be set to a higher value when debugging the Data Guard configuration.We need a genuine Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, with servers ready to take over at a totally different site - distant enough not to be effected by the disaster at the primary site.This means if I want to allocate a 1GB Huge Pages pool, then I have to allocate 512 Huge Pages.Flow Control for e1000 NICs * Setting Shell Limits for the Oracle User Limiting Maximum Number of Open File Descriptors for the Oracle User Limiting Maximum Number of Processes for the Oracle User * Enabling Asynchronous I/O Support Relinking Oracle9i R2 to Enable Asynchronous I/O.