once an eagle book

WHO IS SAM damon?
If it were, leadership instruction would be a matter of saying, "Read 'Once an Eagle' and be prepared to discuss." Request someone help me find a copy of the movie.
The story easily could have ended here.This past weekend I saw a huge write-up in the Minneapolis Star and was suprised that the book had that big of a following.A good read for any American, male or female.A reader, April 19, 1997 A "must read" book for all leaders, civilain and military.It should be the required leadership primer for all second lieutenants and ensigns.

The Killer Angels, a fictional portrayal of the Battle of Gettysburg.
And Omar Bradley, as the men honed their gta ra one cheats professional skills in preparation for the expected war.
Sam Damons serve well as company and battalion commanders.
This is where the action of the book picks up, with scenes of combat that are gripping and desperate, especially in comparison with the somewhat mundane and flaccid World War I section (the book is divided into chapters based on a geographic feature of the.'It's really got a cult following in the Army because Sam Damon is the officer you hope you will be, and Courtney Massengale is the officer you hope you don't work for said Col.This miniseries, as you know, was based on the novel of the same name written by Anton Myrer in 1968.I remember when I was very young reading a newspaper piece by Bernard Fall, which talked about an American General with similar experience (staff officer in both wars, worked for Mac in wwii) and Asian land war dreams.From Alabama, May 10, 1999 Once An Eagle - The finest book I've ever d read!Ed Caldwell Dane Clark.M, oNCE AN eagle by Anton Myrer and John.From texas, February 24, 1999 A True Classic The best book and movie in years, needs to be out on tapes so all of us can have a copy/copys and every one needs to read this book a couple of times, it will help you.Not exactly the story you would expect to move the military.