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The Rats explain in their song that their motive for tormenting you is, essentially, For the Evulz.
You start at the Quilt, where you can choose from 5 of the nightmare worlds.
My Future Selves and Me : Ned sees three future versions of himself during The Puberty Song.
The creepy nurse in Alcatraz Elementary School, though she poses no real danger to him.
While exploring the depths of his hilarious dreams, you'll help Ned conquer his fears by confronting them yourself.Ordinary fears turn into haunting, yet hysterically wacky nightmares.Felony Misdemeanor : Three fun-house mirrors depicting Ned going through generic puberty angst, such as acne, excessive height, and body hair.Drive-Thru Doctors that will swipe at Ned while he's rolling on the medical gurney.Mascot : The school's is a wolverine.The "good" ending is where Ned wakes up and isn't scared.

Vomit Discretion Shot : In the cutscene from Alcatraz Elementary to the Bathroom Nightmare.
Mighty Roar : If Ned falls into the chasm below the pivoting bathtubs, a loud monster roar will sound.
Developed by, creative Capers Entertainment and Window Painters Ltd.
Darker and Edgier : The game has lost much of the cartoonic and silly nature from the show.
The Walls Have Eyes : The Dark Woods area.Nightmare Ned is an animated television series which ran from April 19, 1997 to August 9, 1997.Courtland Mead a 10-year-old boy that deals with his daily problems through dark, quirky nightmares.Fake Ultimate Mook : The Gum monster can't move its mouth far enough to bite Ned, but he can knock his teeth out in one shot.Tropes featured in the Attic, Basement, and Beyond Nightmare: Bookcase Passage Cloudcuckooland Cool Car : Supernatural, 70s-style yahoo email password cracker 2012 car that morphs into a rocket?Spear Carrier : The enormous pair of clawed monster handsa likely subtitle english the heirs episode 14 Eldritch Abomination that casts Ned into the Shadows' Nightmare World does not appear again unless the player ends with the good ending to which it brings him to the final battle.Villain Song : The game had " The Mouse Song ".Evade a slithering plumber's snake.