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Delilah awaits you in one of the bedrooms.
Grab both the Ceremonial Dagger and the Mirror of Vanity from the nearby chest.
Check the Ganon's Journal quest info for the exact location.
Now you have a choice to make.Go into the easternmost one to enter the Goblin Caves.Leave the cave and go to the southeastern corner of the map to find an altar.Return to the entrance and go east.You'll want to head east to enter the Heart of the Forest area, but first you should visit the two side areas here - you have to finish at least the first parts of the Spirit of the Woods quest to get access to the.Sharwyn tells you the tale of how she lost her lover to a noblewoman.He will give you his ring afterwards.

Gorkan, a fighter near the end of the last area, is the one that killed his mother.
The answer to the first question is 15, and the second is "12 trinkets, 5 girls".
Talk to him to learn of his involvement in the events of the past.
In the common room html css the complete reference pdf you will be able to talk to Zamithra.Karlat's Chambers is full of fire-based monsters like Red Slaadi, Hell Hounds, Fire Elementals and Fire Mephits.He needs for you to find three special gems and even gives you the locations of each of them.Attack her and don't let her go when she surrenders.The optional quests continue here with henchman quests, romance quests and others.From the chieftain's room go south along the eastern hall and enter the first door you find to get to the prison.Make sure that you grabbed both the Imaskarran Tomes (you can't return here later!) and then give the two oaths to the spirit.In the library you can find the Imaskarran Tome of Resonance.Talk to Quint through the first gates and he will give you a quest (it is detailed below).The journal points you towards the Charwood and the Neverwinter Woods.