mortal kombat fighting game

With multiple variations of each character, you'll be able to find the fighter that fits your gamestyle perfectly.
Klassic Goro is a tank who can take massive damage and will violently return to the fight, once per match after being defeated.
There's even an online Tower mode that has you and your friends racing through a series of CPU opponents as quickly as possible.
Mortal game n gage buat e63 Kombat X is as robust online as it is off, offering ranked matches, casual fights and a ton of fun group modes.
Injustice-inspired interactable objects add to the fun, allowing you to jump off walls, swing from tree vines and toss elderly folks at your opponent (no, seriously).Joe-like warriors found in last generation's Mortal Kombat.Nezapomete si k nákupu hry Mortal Kombat 10, pidat do koíku zdarma dárek, kterm Vám chceme podkovat za nákup na a pedevím Vám udlat radost.Each blow you land feels tight and impactful, and stringing together high-damage combos requires balletic timing.Gorgeous presentation, the bad, occasional online lag, verdict.Rank up in your own Factions leaderboard to earn weekly prizes.Participate in Challenge Mode to earn Tigrar Fury Goro, unlock Klassic Goro in a new Elite Pack, and collect Spirt Fragments to unlock Konqueror Shao Kahn in a brand new game mode.Sometimes it's a really cool story cutscene, other nikon d300s firmware update times it's the gorgeous arenas and, occasionally, it's the sheer ridiculousness of an over-the-top fatality.Two things in particular keep me hooked: mastering the games refined gameplay mechanics and pursuing its seemingly endless trove of unlockable goodies.Sure, it's the most gruesome installment yet in a notoriously gory fighting-game series, and, no matter how strong your stomach is, its new fatalities will make you wince.

Díky tmto zptnm vazbám a také osobní zkueností s hrami, Vám profesionáln poradíme s vbrem, tedy pokud si nebudete vdt rady a budete hledat teba.
Massive roster OF fighters.
Goty Mortal Kombat Game of The Year.
Vá dotaz, mortal Kombat Klassic Akní Figurka 1/12 Sub-Zero.
The new characters, many of whom are descendants of the game's classic fighters, round out the cast nicely.Borrow a kombatant and strike a decisive blow against your enemies.Bring the power of next-gen gaming to your mobile and tablet device with this visually groundbreaking fighting and card collection game.Pull up any character's move list, and you'll be treated to full-frame data: the type of nerdy numbers that determine how fast or slow each attack is, and how vulnerable you'll be if your opponent blocks.Brutal 3 v 3 kombat, create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.Mortal Kombat X doesn't just want to deliver limb-shredding fun it wants to make you a better fighter, too.The game is as easy as ever to pick up on a casual level; punching, kicking, blocking and bone-crunching special moves require little more than a few button taps.