microsd to memory stick pro duo adapter sony psp 32gb

Formatting, to obtain 128G of space, both microSD cards must be inserted inside the dual slot adapter and formatted as a single unit.
In theory, any combination of microSD cards should work since the resulting capacity seems to add them together.
It is not necessary to use two cards with the adapter.Take a look at the " microsdhc to Memory Stick Pro Duo Converter " review article that is elsewhere on this site.When transferring files from Ubuntu to the 128G card, the transfer rate was about 6MB/s.I found an old SanDisk TransFlash 32 MB microSD card to try first.This is a limitation of the FAT32 filesystem, and not the 128G card.

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My guess was that it was incompatible.
There was no instruction manual in the package to guide me along.
However, each individual file is still limited to a 4G file size limit.
Whether it be cameras, phones, or extra pocket storage, a 128G Memory Stick Pro Duo made from two 64G microsdxc cards is extremely convenient to have on hand.Notice the icon reads SD?First, I used one card in slot 1 to find out what would happen.When TransFlash was accepted as part of the SD Card standard, it was renamed to microSD Card.I don't know what the real deal is, perhaps Sony devices uses the same format but was fixed at one sector size (feel free to share if you know the answer).For example, two 32 GB plugin galileo cs 1.6 cards will produce a single 64 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card.Pleasantly surprised, I was relieved that I only have good news to report.