mcdonalds monopoly 2013 game

So what does this mean?
This means that there are.2 billion game stamps, or individual attempts at victory.
Just hit Craigslist or something.
They're outstandingly common, most with a 1 in 10 or so chance of popping.Once being registered, login the website realplayer plus windows 8 with your email address and password so you can receive an Online Sweepstakes Entry automatically.Enter more codes will get you more entries. .There are some limits: one participant one online registration; one participant gets ten entries at maximum in one single day.Blue: Boardwalk, 1 in 602 million, wins 1,000,000 in 50,000 annual payments.The odds of winning a prize at the in-store game are 1 in 4, or a 25 probability.For spaces on the Monopoly board, if you get all the properties of a single color or the Railroads you win a prize.In fact, 4 out of every 11 prizes allocated will be a medium fries.What do I do?

Visit the website to play the Monopoly Online Sweepstakes after you played the In-Restaurant game.
Small McCafe or Smoothie (2.40) Odds 1 in 44,.3 chance you win.
Join their ranks McDonalds, mcDonald's kicked off its annual Monopoly sweepstakes today, so of course we are thrilled to devour the stats.Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese (3.60) Odds 1 in 44,.3 chance you win.All we care about is the in-store game, where you peel game pieces and win.So, if you find one of those pieces, you're actually special.So, let's take a look at your odds of winning prizes by buying McDonald's.Just open the website link in smartphone or computer browser, then follow the instructions to register yourself by providing your personal information and a valid Online Code that you got.Check out the full stats here ยป.