marie lu legend book

Wing is killed by Thomas under Commander Jameson's orders in a raid in the Wings's home.
It is stated that.
However, his brother John dies in his place.
Ollie, June's loyal Sheppard who helps coax her through the tragic period of Metias's death.
Metias Iparis, June's older brother.The pendant he lost at the site of Metias's death and the pendant that June has in her pocket.The next morning, military medical trucks head for Day's family's house, and he heads off to save them.Based on the marking on his door, she knows that someone (that someone turns out.Her first encounter with Day was a rouge to find out his true identity, only seeking revenge for her brother's death, since he was the accused.Kaede, a Patriot known to be involved in wrestling fights.

He insists that he did not kill Metias, and she, believing it possible, takes a closer look at the pictures of her brother's corpse.
From then on, he led a life of extreme poverty, living on the streets with his friend.
She eventually strikes a deal with the Patriots for their help, freeing Day on the morning of his execution.
Tess, Day's 13 year-old partner in crime and caretaker.Day goes into a rage, trying to kill the soldiers, but Commander Jameson, the leader of all the units, and June's commanding officer, shoots Day in the leg.But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets.It is the first book.The Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors.It is later indicated that Thomas is in fact Metias's murderer.But then, as Day is falling asleep, June sees him reach for the pendant that he had once had around his neck.He was born in the slums of the Republic.Day hated file mutation 1.1.3 mac the Republic, and used his phenomenal athletic and intellectual capabilities to harass them, attacking their military bases and hospitals, and generally causing chaos.They capture Day's family, forcing Day out of hiding.